Theory & Practice

Meet the Founder

Eleni E. Siderias is an educational leader, researcher, and consultant with a demonstrated history of strategic vision, collaborative innovation, curricular and instructional expertise, and a commitment to equity and justice. 

She holds a B.S. from St. John’s University (Childhood Education). She also studied at Teachers College, Columbia University, earning an M.A. (Gifted Education), an M. Ed. (Leadership in Curriculum and Teaching), and completing all coursework for a Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum & Teaching.

Eleni has led teams in K-8 environments in New York City and New Jersey, inspiring mission-driven institutional growth by identifying problems, collecting data, researching solutions, and developing multi-year plans to implement meaningful, long-lasting institutional renewal and change. After years of supporting families, mentoring educators, and managing institutional change, Eleni established Theory & Practice in order to bring her unique, holistic problem-solving approach to a broader audience. While she has specific areas of interest and specialty, Eleni is a connector, able to utilize her vast network to source subject matter experts as advisors, partners, or referrals for each unique client and solution.

Outside of the education sphere, Eleni dabbles in visual art, horseback riding, hiking, birding, and gardening. In her community she serves as an advisor for a nature-based Quaker preschool, leads a scout troop, and organizes community events. Most importantly, together with her spouse, Eleni is the parent of two precious children, whom she learns from and is inspired by every single day.


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